I know what you already might be thinking, “but what if I want my partner to cry or get emotional when I’m walking down the isle?” They will be emotional. Trust me. It’s your wedding day, and they’re marrying their best friend! They’re going to be excited and happy to see you walk down that isle, all the same. Just look at this sweet couple and how he teared up to her coming down the aisle, after already spending time with her and seeing her at their first look.



Still not convinced? Well, read along my dear.

1. Deep Breaths and Ease That Stress
Having a first look eases so much stress and gets those anxious jitters out because you get the opportunity to have tons more time with your love on the actual wedding day! As opposed to, seeing him or her for the first time at your ceremony then immediately rushing around to get family portraits, wedding party portraits, portraits of you two, rushing into reception to make that grand entrance, and onto the reception events surrounded by all of your family and friends.

2. ‘Cause the Party Don’t Start till YOU Walk In!

Honestly, by the time the ceremony is over, most of my couples are just ready to party! You’re just gonna be so excited! Plus, you’ll be so ready to mingle with all of your incredible guests who have come from all over and should absolutely maximize your time with them instead of taking pictures outside for an hour and a half while trying to hurry in and go see them.

3. Cherish the Moment That’ll Last Forever
You, of course, will want to cherish the photos of you and boo forever. Which is why it really is nice and so much fun to spend the time creating those photos before your ceremony without feeling rushed or tired. Then you get to be together with your immediate family and wedding party as well, soaking in those special moments before all of your guests arrive!

4. Happy Light, Happy Life!
I’ll give it to you straight, you’re going to get better light (which makes for better photos) for your family portraits and wedding party portraits. Mid-day light instead of almost near dusk means faces will be seen much more clearly and sharper with large group photos and overall just turn out so much better, trust me!

5. But Wait, There’s More!!

Of course, we will still sneak away for a few photos after the ceremony at sunset! This way, you get the best of both worlds with two different types of lighting! Plus, even more pictures with your boo, duh! This is the only day you’ll be wearing that wedding dress and getting married, after all.

You can have the best of both worlds, and still get to see their face gleaming of joy or emotion as you’re walking down the aisle. And you will get more time to spend with your husband/wife throughout the day. What’s better than that?