it’s all about perspective

I see the world from a slightly different vantage point. Literally. I’m 6 feet tall. And that’s a good thing…

No one likes their photo taken from down low. Am I right? Angles matter people!

You know what else matters? Your Perspective.

That’s why I aim to see things from your point of view. Always.

The people, the details, how you feel throughout your day, and the memories you take with you. If it matters to you, it matters to me.

Because you guys, there aren’t many careers where you can hold someone’s memories and give them that joy back.

And from where I’m standing… that’s an honor, and a pretty important job!


“I am completely blown away by Shannon…. we are in LOVE with every single photo. She listened to everything we wanted to capture, and made sure it was all completely perfect. She was prepared, professional and all around phenomenal. YOU NEED SHANNON​​​​​​​.” – ANNIE G.

I genuinely believe that we’re put on earth to connect with and really know others. And that has always driven me. 

I learned at a very young age that I could make people smile with my photos.

So began my journey with my camera in hand.

Naturally that passion led me to high school photo classes and yearbook. And while I didn’t so much love the smell of the high school photo lab, what I learned was my love of being immersed in it all. To see the photos I’d taken come to life right before my eyes. And to then share them with others and make them happy… It all brought me so much joy.

I went on to study Communication and Journalism in college. And even then, I had a hard time just being in the moment. I didn’t want to just experience something… I wanted to capture the moments with my camera and share them with others. 

There is no greater feeling than to empower others and show them the beauty everyone else sees in them. It’s precisely why I love to do what I do.

And for me, that will never change.

“What makes a photographer truly special is not only their mastery of the technical skills, but their charisma and energy. Shannon is one of the special ones. She cares about the photographs and the people in them. She has a knack of finding what is beautiful and capturing it – between the detail shots to the raw moments. She is a natural, and her work is breathtaking!” – JENNI R.


 ​​​​​​​so, what brings you joy?

On the day of your wedding:

I’ll make you smile, I’ll make you laugh. I’ll create space for you to breathe. I’ll bring a calm and lighthearted presence to what can be a jam-packed, crazy day. ​​​​​​​I’ll respectfully run the show and keep things on track -with control, kindness, and of course, tact​​​​​​​​. Because on top of my stellar personality (wink) that’ll put you at ease, I’m a true professional. 

I’ll go above and beyond for you from beginning to end.

And you, can just relax knowing that these memories you’re making… they’ll be captured and preserved with all the intentionality, care and love I can give. ​​​​​​​

Because at the end of the day, these are the best moments of your life.

And I want them to bring you joy, for a lifetime.​​​​​​​


“She captured us, our family & our friends so organically! I look at my gallery all of the time and can’t believe I get to relive this day forever. I highly recommend Sloane Photo. The quality of the photos and the person behind the camera are unmatched.”  – JASMINE W. ​​​​​​​

a little something about me:

  • When I’m not photographing weddings you’ll find me exploring new spots, shopping, or hosting dinner parties with my best guy. (I love to make a good charcuterie board!)
  • All my Enneagram fans…I’m a 3. No wonder I love my job so much. I’m an Achiever, ok?!
  • I’m super competitive. And a very sore loser at Mario Kart and Uno if I don’t win. (see Enneagram 3). 
  • I love traveling and seeing new places. Did I mention I love destination weddings? There’s a suitcase on my floor…still full from my last destination- at pretty much all times. I love to go on new adventures!
  • I try to enjoy a sunset once a week. I’m obsessed with that golden light on my face.

“She’s friendly, she’s kind, she’s confident, she’s professional, she’s on time, she’s talented, she makes you feel so beautiful and with that I would like to hire her to follow me around always and snap photos of me because no one has ever made me feel as pretty as Shannon and that’s freakin important for your wedding day, ok! Love her and her work so much. She is worth every single penny. Would recommend her ten times over.”  – PAIGE G.