To Have And to Hold.

You hear it all the time in traditional wedding vows, but what do those words truly mean?

For you it isn’t just about physical embrace. It’s about savoring time. It’s being present and soaking in each moment with the people you love. It’s holding onto the sound of their laughter, and the memory of their smiles. 

And naturally, you want those moments to hold onto, forever. Yes? 

But, not just the big moments. 

No. You want the little moments too. The ones that are full of emotion:

– Grandma radiant with joy as you slip on your dress.

– Dad wiping away his tears just as you say “I do”.

– The look in your eyes as you hug your sweet Mom tight. 

It’s those little, unposed details that tell your story.

And, I want to capture them all for you…The big, the small, and all the precious moments in between. 

 As our pictures are trickling in, each one brings back all of the feelings that we felt from our wedding day in the most BEAUTIFUL way. She captured raw moments and made them SO beautiful you can’t not cry, smile, and laugh. I relook at them hourly because they’re honestly that freaking good y’all…. -MAEGHAN R​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

And, here’s what I’ll do to make it all happen: 


I hope to feel like a trusted friend, documenting the amazingness that is you! That’s why we’ll kick things off with your engagement session. It gives us a chance to further enhance our new found friendship AND help you two get the jitters out. Come wedding day you’ll know and hopefully trust me completely.  


While I can and will do a lot of things for you, being in two places at once… not really one of my superpowers. You want your walk down the aisle and your partner’s reaction to it, family portraits and amazing candids of your guests, as well as some of the moments and details you never even knew you wanted but, may become some of your faves. Two cameras and two perspectives are always better than one.


You don’t want to have to worry about crazy mishaps or your photos being lost forever. That gives me nightmares! That’s why I backup all of your photos in three places, including an online copy. I also have Liability insurance, plenty of backup gear, and backup lenses for all those just in case moments. Relax knowing you and your photos are in great hands!  


From bright midday harsh sun, to pitch black at night, and even those rainy days where the sun won’t shine…  ​​​​​​​You’ll get stunning photos from the beginning of the day, to the very end. I’ve mastered flash photography, so I can take whatever’s thrown at me and make it beautiful. No matter what.​​​​​​​ 


Trendy photos are cool and all, for the time being. But you want your wedding photos to live on for generations to come. That’s why I spend a ton of time hand-editing your images. You’ll get beautiful, natural skin tones and colors that are true to life. Basically your photos will look and feel just like your day {maybe even better!} 


You’ll be so excited to see your photos. And I say, why wait? That’s why I’ll hustle and take time to edit 10-15 photos at your wedding! When you have a free moment {or I’ll create one for you}, I show ’em to you. You fall in love, your family crowds around to see, and we all have a sweet moment. I’m telling you, I truly love to make you smile! ​​​​​​​


You’re looking forward to reliving your day through your photos, and can’t wait to feel all those feels again. That’s why I am intentional and thoughtful about when I deliver your gallery. Quickly and conveniently.  I’ll deliver it to you online, so it’s simple and easy to access. From there you can easily share your gallery with family and friends, and order prints of all your faves… all in one place. 


You want your photos to physically flip through and touch. But which ones make the cut for your album? Sometimes the overwhelming task of narrowing down all your favorites can be stressful. That’s why I’ll create the initial design for you, and from there we can make any changes together to make it perfect! After developing a relationship with you- ​​​​​​​I’ll have a good idea of what you want included in your album. Trust me, you’ll cherish this forever. 

SHANNON IS A FREAKING ROCK STAR. From promptness, attention to detail, stunning results, and ease of business, you really can’t go wrong. Shannon is so easy to talk to, funny, and keeps your environment fun- even in the stress of the day, and days prior. I can’t thank Shannon enough for the memories she’s created for years to come. Not to mention her photos are gorgeous! – Amanda H. 

All the Joy. All the Authentic Connection.

All the Love. 

Guys, I’m obsessed with taking care of my clients. 

So… if you want a photographer who promises to: 

– connect and get to know you

-make you feel comfortable + at ease…and can makes you laugh ’til you cry

-give you a rockstar experience​​​​​​​… I mean, we all have a lil’ Beyonce in us, yes?

-make this process as stress free as humanly possible 

-capture all the moments + people you love most! 


will do it with all the kindness her big heart can handle! 

Well, I’m your girl. 

The #1 thing on my list for the wedding was to make sure I had bomb pictures and a video to look back on one day and let me tell ya, Shannon delivered!! Do yourself a favor, book this girl while you can, let her do her thing and I promise you will not be disappointed!- Karly D.


"It’s so hard for me to put into words how incredible this human is! Shannon is HILARIOUS, she’s a hit with all the guests and family, and she knows just how to get the P E R F E C T shots of the raw emotions of your big day.

She also edited some pictures DURING HER DINNER BREAK so that she could display them AT THE RECEPTION for us and our guests to enjoy/cry over! She is hands down one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day, aside from my husband (ily Jon)!

Shannon, THANK YOU for capturing the most special day of our lives."

-Ashley M.


"Shannon’s the best. Hands down. Look no further *mic drop* ... No, I’m just kidding.

But not kidding about Shannon being the best. She’s friendly, she’s kind, she’s confident, she’s professional, she’s on time, she’s talented, she makes you feel so beautiful and with that I would like to hire her to follow me around always and snap photos of me because no one has ever made me feel as pretty as

Shannon and that’s freakin important for your wedding day ok! Love her and her work so much. She is worth every single penny. Would recommend her ten times over. I am proud to now know someone as talented as she is." - Paige G.


"You guys, I just honestly don't even know where to begin. First of all, there's just SOMETHING about Shannons photos that stand out over every other photographer I have met. I don't know exactly what it is , nor can I put a finger on it, but it's INCREDIBLE and it's pure magic.

Second of all, my first line of wedding advice to anyone is to SPEND the money on a good photographer because those pictures are seriously all that you're left with after the best day of your life (she left me with some sneak peaks the night of the wedding and I look at them every single day). That's why I was so particular with who I wanted as a photographer & let me tell you, Hands down - 100% - no questions asked, Shannon is the BEST photographer I have come across.

There's a lot of photographers in this world but like I said, there's just something about her camera skills and the way her photos turn out that are so unique. She is on top of her S*** (LOL), she is so organized, and she knows how to control a group of people-- which let me tell you--is hard to do at a wedding. She will tell you exactly what to do with your hands, your face, your body, your pinky, your toes and everything in between (LOL) so your pictures are magic AND you aren't standing there all awkward not knowing what to do and not feeling uncomfortable and not wasting time.

She flat out just knows how to use a camera and her pictures turn out SO CLEAN & CRISP & BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, Im getting teary eyed writing this review because my pictures are just that gorgeous....not only is she a GOD behind the camera but she is SO.MUCH.FUN to be around (I'm laughing by myself right now just thinking about her at my wedding)

She makes you laugh every .05 seconds and I LOVE IT. Weddings are already stressful so it's nice to have someone who can lighten the mood for you. So many people after my wedding said to me "Paige, your photographer was freaking awesome"...and honestly, my response was "I know she was" haha I was one who did my research and once I found her I never looked back.

You will NOT be disappointed using her, and I just feel bad for anyone who doesn't get the opportunity to let her shoot their wedding. I've never left a review on anything in my life because I just never felt like anything has ever really been worth the time to write one , but this easily was.

I am going to end my novel with one honest and simple statement: SLOANE PHOTO WAS THE BEST DECISION I MADE FOR MY WEDDING DAY. (<--if I had to write my review in one sentence it would be that one.) XOXOXO


"SHANNON IS A FREAKING ROCK STAR. From promptness, attention to detail, stunning results, and ease of business, you really can’t go wrong.

Shannon is so easy to talk to, funny, and keeps your environment fun- even in the stress of the day, and days prior. Her outline was so detailed that I didn’t have to worry about a thing. If you freak out like me, she puts your mind at ease!

She’s also like just a fun addition to your bridal crew, and feels like someone you just want to hang out with. She always got my pictures to me sooner than expected, (I did engagements, bridals, wedding preview, and wedding).

She turned around the next day to give me some wedding shots that we are all dying to plaster on social media, and within a week gave me my bridals so I could have them printed to be displayed at our wedding.

I can’t thank Shannon enough for the memories she’s created for years to come. Not to even mention her photos are gorgeous, just check her social media. They speak for themselves!" -Amanda H.


Shannon was so amazing and we are SOOOO happy we hired her to shoot our destination wedding in Cabo.

"She made everything so easy and FUN and she sent us AMAZING sneak peak photos within 24 hours of our wedding.

I can't wait to see the rest!!! If you want an amazing wedding photographer that will make your wedding day so bomb and make you look like a rockstar, HIRE HER!!!" - Allie B.


"I work as a wedding DJ in Minnesota, I have worked in the wedding business for 13 years, and Shannon is the best of the best. My wife has worked as a professional photographer for many years so when it came to hiring a photographer I completely differed to her expertise, she found Sloane Photo on Instagram.

I can tell you from experience that when you’re planning a destination wedding, finding local vendors can be difficult because your only resource is the internet, but boy did we hit the JACKPOT!

Shannon was incredibly professional, really fun to work with, and the photos turned out AMAZING!! I would highly recommend working with her.

A good photographer is the most important part of your wedding day, because you will be forever looking back on the photos of that day. Trust me, book her!! - Mike N.


Shannon is by far the most professional (but still willing to have marg with you during shoot), knows the best locations (she’s like google maps photographer edition), and knows EXACTLY how to get you that good pic!!!

To sum it up if I could Tie Shannon up and stick her in my pocket the rest of my life I would Because she’s a damn good time.

I’m forever grateful to Shannon for capturing the love in our engagement sessions. I think I’m more excited for my wedding day to see Shannon rather than my groom. Ok joking but you get the point! - Courtney G.